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tinggi serat konten Medjool tanggal membuat mereka masuk akal seleksi ketika datang ke menjaga diri standar. Tanggal antara buah-buahan manis di dunia. Setiap Skor yang jatuh di bawah 55 adalah dianggap sebagai rendah, dan tanggal memiliki peringkat indeks glikemik 42-47. Menjaga gula darah Anda seimbang aids mencegah jantung penyakit , karena fakta terlalu jauh gula mungkin menyebabkan berat badan memperoleh dan diabetes.

Mature date palms can make 150-300?lb (70-140?kg) 22 23 of dates per harvest season, though they do not all ripen at the exact same time so many harvests are needed. Dates are the fruit of palm trees. Dates are a excellent supply of vitamins which increase the overall health and functionality of the human nervous program. In the U.S., the five-A-Day program is now named Fruits & Veggies - Far more Matters but the aim is the same: to increase every day fruit and vegetable consumption amongst Americans.

Dalam studi direferensikan di atas, hamil betina mulai makan kurma 4 minggu sebelum mereka diperkirakan jatuh tempo lain kata, di 36 minggu hamil mereka mulai mengkonsumsi enam tanggal buah per hari. Palms dapat baik laki-laki atau perempuan dan buahnya yang tumbuh di tandan. Tanggal baik pasokan dari berbeda vitamin dan mineral, energi , gula, dan serat itu juga termasuk kalsium, besi, fosfor, kalium, magnesium dan seng.

Dates go by way of 4 stages of improvement: 1) Chimri, or Kimri, stage, the initial 17 weeks soon after pollination: green, difficult, bitter, 80% moisture, 50% sugars (glucose and fructose) by dry weight 2) Khalal stage, the next six weeks: turn out to be complete grown, nonetheless tough colour alterations to yellow, orange or red, sugars increase, turn out to be largely sucrose three ) Rutab stage, the subsequent four weeks: half-ripe soften, turn light brown some sucrose reverts to minimizing sugar which gains prominence 4) Tamar stage: ripe the last two weeks in soft dates, the sugar becomes largely lowering sugar semi-dry and dry dates will have practically 50% each of sucrose and reducing sugars.

Love Kurma Ajwa as well as would jujube-931592__340.jpglove to learn even more?

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