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The number of CCIEs is uncertain due to the fact that there may be a few people a day (world wide). In terms of basic growth and what I know. The world should now have 3,700 to 3,800 people. The number of CCIEs in China should have exceeded 60. It is said that Cisco wants to limit the number of CCIEs. Although it is hearsay, it seems that there are indications from exam changes. Here to talk about a very important concept: CCIE Active and Deactive state.CCIE number is growing, the number of people mentioned above is the total number of people. However, to ensure the quality of CCIE, CCIE will have to re-certify every two years, otherwise you will still be CCIE (the ID is still reserved), but your status is deactiv. In addition to reputation, you can not get other active privileges It's The company is ccie security 400-251 pdf located in:
CCIE is divided into three categories:
1. Routing & Switching
2. ISP & dial
Wan Switching
The other two just opened soon. The company is located in: How to review written test?
CCIE exams are divided into two major part of the written and laboratory exams (in fact, according to the difficulty to count, written examination can only account for 10%, huh, huh.) Written examination in all registered sylvan test center test centers should be able to test, the cost is 200 $ Not only more difficult than MCSE, but also expensive.) In order to pass the written test. The range listed above, after you have seen it certainly will have a feeling: finished !!!! Of course, the actual situation? Hard to say, because it is a computer problem, may be difficult to find the subject may be simple. However, if you really want to pass the CCIE exam, please carefully look at each part, if reported to chance, may be muddied, but in a few words to test again. The company is located in:
There is another point: CCIE exams must first take the written examination, and then test the test. The company is located in:
CCIE written test is 3 hours, 100 objective questions. There are about 30-40% multiple choice.
The scope of the problem is very wide (although it is impossible to cover the cisco home page to say those elements, but also almost.) Score of 70 points (last year also 65 minutes, you see, Cisco is not want to limit the number of CCIE it, the content change More, pass the score is higher). In order to pass the written test, what books do you generally want to go? If you go to Cisco training center class, then a door about 10,000 yuan should be thoughtful oh I recommend the following Course:
1.ICRC (if you are not familiar with the network and Cisco routers)
3.SNAM (this is very important, when you go to the exam to know why it is important)
In terms of difficulty, written examination only 10% If you finally passed the Cisco written examination, ha ha. . . . . . . Do not be happy too early :-)
As I said earlier, written exams are based on the entire CCIE exam, and you have passed 50% of the exams. If you do not pass the exam, you only passed 10%.

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