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Finally He was hung on a cross and left to die slowly.Lucifer had hoped by this to force Him into abandoning His mission or to stop Him directly, by killing Him. And Satan used everything in his arsenal to accomplish this; Man! That same man whom Jesus had come to save from the hands of death!It was man that bore false witness against Him; it was man that betrayed Him; it was man that flogged Him and placed a crown of thorns on His head; it was also man that hung Him on the cross to die.Man allowed himself to be used by the darkness. He was a willing tool in the hands of Satan.However, in His last moments on the cross, it was this same man He prayed for when He looked up into the heavens, to His father who sent Him, The Almighty God, The Creator of existence. In pain and anguish, but with a voice laden with love, He spoke with God, He spoke with The Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and The End, The I am that I am.

He said, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." And then He died!Indeed He loved us. He was prepared to face anything, including death on the cross in order to give 40123684722_32e4bd462b.jpg us the Message of Truth. A Message which if heeded would lead us back home. A home prepared by His Father! Paradise!The Son of God Jesus brought the message of Love. He brought all of mankind. It is now up to us to receive it. A horse can be led to the banks of a river, but it cannot be forced to drink water from it.Jesus offers us living water. Through great suffering He brought the river to us. Now He says drink.He came for all of mankind, but not all would receive Him. He brought salvation to all, but not all would be saved; He came to redeem all, but not all would be redeemed. By their choice a good number will be lost. And yet this need not be so.Redemption is offered to us on a platter. We can all be redeemed.But in order to be redeemed by Christ we must fulfill the following conditions;* We must believe in God
* We must accept the message of Christ
* We must be born again.Belief in God:There is one God; Creator of all that exist. Of Human kind, the plants, the animals, the seas, the rivers, the mountains, the stars and the galaxies! We must understand that we did not just come to exist by accident. We must believe that all of existence was brought into being by The Creator, the Almighty...God.Accepting the message of Christ:Christ is the Son of God. He came from God with the message of Salvation. In His message He points the way back home. He tells us to believe in God, His Father who sent Him. He tells us to love our neighbour as ourselves and to do unto them that which we wish them to do unto us. He tells us that we have another home, our real home. A home where we would live in an eternity of bliss; a home where the Love of God lives! A home where there is no evil. It is important that we accept this message.Being born again:We must be born again.

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