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Over the past few years, there has been increasing focus on food and nutrition. Canadian parents are looking more critically at food choices for their children and more and more people are learning to read food labels. Yet many people still harbor misconceptions about bread nutrition and do not understand the full range of healthy bread options available. By learning more about whole wheat and other healthy bread options (yes, they exist!) you can educate yourself and improve your family?s nutrition.

Misconception 1: Only Whole Wheat Is Healthy

One of the most comment misperceptions is that if bread is not 100% whole wheat, it must not be healthy. To understand why this isn?t true, consider that what makes whole wheat bread different from white bread is the amount of the wheat kernel used. White loaves use only parts of the kernel, while whole wheat uses all or most of the kernel (which gives it its distinctive grainy colour). While a whole wheat loaf has more inherent nutrition because it uses more of the wheat, white bread can be a 61dZdlBIsWS._SL1080_.jpgnutritionally sound choice for any family and offer both fibre and grains.

Misconception 2: All Whole Grains Are The Same

Whole wheat is just one of many grains that can be used to make healthy bread. There are countless other grains that can be added to create multi grain, country style or other such loaves. They typically have a rougher texture and an earthier taste. Some may even have small bits of grain left intact to enhance the texture. These typically have slightly different nutritional values than whole wheat bread because of their different composition.

Misconception 3: All Bread Stays Fresh Naturally Do you ever ask why some bread lasts up to two weeks? Artificial preservatives and other added chemical additives like Monoglycerides and Sodium Steroyl-2-Lactylate are sometimes used to extend shelf life and keep bread feeling softer for check longer. With increasing consumer demand for more natural and wholesome products, some bread makers are removing these added chemical additives from their whole wheat breads and white breads altogether. A simple look at the ingredient list will reveal if your bread contains any of these added chemical additives.

Whether you buy for yourself or for your family, knowing more about these common misperceptions will help you make more informed bread choices on your next trip food shopping trip.

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