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They pay for training; there are no costs to you except your phone line with no features, about $15.00 a month and a headset. I know of another site that also is legitimate and pays you as well, but their hours are set, so you have to be willing to accept the shift they offer.

I've been in various businesses for over 20 years, both online and bricks and mortar, and I've become quite ONE with the associated costs. Here is the real scoop.

Write out how your customers or clients will benefit by doing business with you. The more you focus on the benefits that will satisfy your customer's needs, that all-imposing question: What's in it for me, the more success you'll find. That is a universal business law: cater to the customer's needs always!

So, what do you want and what do you need? If you need income, perhaps think of what you have always wanted to do but never felt you could make a living. If you are currently unemployed, you can explore this while looking for steady employment. Or, this may be the time you leap into a new venture. Try it as a hobby for starters. Do something you love for a few minutes every day to get you grounded, centered and open to possibilities.

Business History: Search Google for this firm. You will find some reviews or reports about this site somewhere. These reviews may not be authentic but yet there would be some.

From this list, we choose 10 - 20 keywords which best describe the actual website which is being optimized and write them down (or export them to Excel). There next step is to analyze the competition for your chosen keyword(s).

Move out of the "Field of Dreams" mindset and into the modern, Internet marketing era. Begin by building a great product. Make sure it is faster, cheaper, better or whatever your customers want and need. Then, develop your product marketing strategy based on who your customers are. Where do they seek information about similar products - online, on television, in magazines and trade journals, word of mouth? Find out. The Internet makes it even easier to do consumer research. Search trade journals in your industry, competitors' websites, blogs and news magazines online. Find and use this information to create your marketing strategy.

Focus on why your business should be successful and what part you play in that equation. Your own unique voice is enough to set you a part from any other business person. You are unique. Whether you sell your accounting outsourcing or car insurance, your own life experiences have made you unique. You can still provide the same quality accounting outsourcing and insurance (those factors won't change much) so focus on how coming doing business with you is fun, unique or satisfying.

I talked to one business owner a while back and asked "How much is your time worth?" Without even blinking an eye he says $100 an hour. So I said. Your doing your own bookkeeping to save money, something that could be done by someone else for 20 cents on the dollar. That means doing it yourself gives you the most expensive bookkeeper in America - for below average results.

The Right Certification: Right certification will help you a lot to select the right accountants.

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